THINLITE Insulating Glass Units

For glazing to timber windows where the overall thickness of the unit needs to be as thin as possible for use in joinery of a traditional size or conservation work.

The units can be constructed with a non-rigid silicone foam based white or black spacer as narrow as 4mm where the overall size does not exceed 600mm x 600mm.  The sightline is 8mm from the edge of the glass to the top of the spacer.  A clearance for glazing must have already been allowed when submitting your order.

When utilising a unit make up of, 4mm Float, 4mm gas filled cavity and an inner leaf of 4mm Softcoat Low Emissivity Float (Patterned, Sandblasted, Low Iron or Conservation Glass can be substituted for the 4mm Float), the centre pane U value will be 1.5 W/m²K for Xenon gas, 1.9 W/m²K for Krypton gas, and 2.6 W/m²K for Argon gas.

Units have been tested by the manufacturer of the spacer to EN1279 - 6, including EN1279 - 3 for gas retention and are manufactured in our own factory where we have obtained EN1279 1 - 6 for units with conventional spacer bars and are manufactured utilising the same quality control systems.

Care must be taken to ensure compliance is not required to Document L of the Building Regulations 2010.  Check with your Conservation or Building Control Officer at the appropriate Council Department for exemption.  Should compliance be required you must produce a whole window U value simulation.  We can assist you in the calculation on receipt of the frame construction details.

If the units are being glazed without beads (which is contrary to BS8000 & GGF recommendations) they must not be glazed with putties containing linseed oil.  Please contact us for a glazing method data sheet for suitable glazing materials for glazing with or without beads.  To ensure the best adhesion of glazing tapes, compounds & silicones, Thinlite units are not edge taped.

Typical glazing detail

thinlite glazing detail